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Day: May 25, 2022

Health Services for Ukrainian Refugees Boosted With Soloviev Foundation Donation

Health Services for Ukrainian Refugees Boosted With Soloviev Foundation Donation

In solidarity with those affected, the Soloviev Foundation recently announced a one million dollar donation to Americares, a charity currently focused on providing health services to Ukrainians. Americares has already been able to send tons of supplies to Ukraine, Poland and Romania, helping many local organizations in those countries. The donation by the Soloviev foundation will help with further relief efforts; the foundation is dedicated to creating cultural bridges between Russia and America and celebrating the many connections between the two countries.

Family Ties

The donation to Americares is an international effort to offset the horrors of war in Eastern Europe. Soloviev Foundation founder, Stefan Soloviev, said that the contribution was in honor of the memory of his Ukrainian grandmother and called the actions of Russia towards their neighboring country an atrocity. Soloviev has ties to many parts of eastern Europe, Sweden and Russia and created the foundation to explore how those cultures are connected to many others worldwide. The foundation is separate from the Soloviev Group, which does business in many sectors such as real estate, transportation and agriculture. Soloviev and his former wife are both familiar faces in charitable giving circles around New York state, supporting the efforts of local communities and statewide and national causes.

Americares Efforts

Americares has emergency response teams on the ground in Romania and Poland, using donations to help meet the needs of refugees. Americares and its emergency response teams have helped many local relief organizations in Ukraine and Romania, and Poland, where refugees have been crossing. In the short time since the war started, Americares has been able to send sixty-five tons of relief supplies to Ukraine, including medicine and food. The donation by Stefan Soloviev and the Soloviev Foundation will help with local procurement and shipment of more supplies to the region. By purchasing supplies close to where they are needed, the charity reduces transit time for essential relief while supporting economies affected by the war. This effort is not always possible, and shortages have meant that some supplies travel hundreds of miles.

The Soloviev Foundation’s donation to Americares will provide health services and supplies to hundreds of refugees and others affected by the ongoing struggle in Ukraine. Gifts of all sizes to the charity have already purchased and transported tons of supplies and have helped support local organizations in the region. The foundation’s founder has familial ties to the area and says that the donation is in memory of his Ukrainian grandmother.…