5 Tips for Finding the Best Artificial Turf Installation Company Near You

5 Tips for Finding the Best Artificial Turf Installation Company Near You

So, you have decided to do some landscaping around your property and are considering installing artificial turf in place of live grass. Maybe you’ve heard of all the benefits of having artificial turf installed and are now curious about how to find the best artificial turf installation companies near me. Artificial turf requires minimal maintenance and lasts a long time while looking great in all weather and seasons.

Installing artificial turf is a large monetary investment, and choosing a reliable and capable company to complete the installation process is very important to ensure it is installed correctly and that the product is of good quality and will last a long time. The artificial turf installation experts at Sportech list below their five best tips for how to find the best artificial turf installation companies near me.

  1. Ask for Their Credentials First

Installing artificial turf properly takes years of experience, proper training, and access to all the necessary tools and equipment for installation to be completed successfully. Before investing your hard-earned money with a company to install your artificial turf, it’s a good idea to ask for their professional credentials to ensure the company is qualified to install your landscaping correctly the first time.

The first thing to ask for is to confirm if they are in fact licensed to install artificial turf. Having an active license ensures they have done the legwork to legally install your landscaping. Make sure the company you pick to install your artificial turf is also properly insured. In the case of any injury or property damage, you want to be able to recoup any property damage costs you may incur. Also, you want to avoid having to pay for any bodily harm that could potentially happen to your installation crew if an accident did occur at your property.

Some companies may also join professional organizations that offer additional training and such within their industry. It’s always a good idea to gather all the above credentials before making the final decision on hiring a company to install your artificial turf.

  1. Request Professional References

It is always a good idea to speak with previous clients of the company you are considering before making the leap to hire a company. Not only do you want to hear how others experienced working with the company, but also see the finished product by either reviewing photos or going to the site to see the turf in person.

Some companies will offer pictures of the entire installation process from start to finish so you can see what the job entails and how the installation process works, step by step, plus images of what the finished job will look like. This is very helpful for you as a potential client so that you can know what to expect during the installation of your artificial turf. This type of breakdown of the process from start to finish is called a case study. Not all installers will have case studies on hand, but it can be very helpful to aid in your decision-making if they do.

  1. Research the Manufacturers of Their Artificial Turf

There are many different varieties of artificial grass to choose from, depending on what you are planning on using the turf for. For example, if you are using your artificial turf for a backyard putting green, you may choose one type of turf, but if you are using the area mainly for family to enjoy and children to play on, a different type of artificial turf may be more appropriate. You can also choose the color and materials of your artificial grass, which can change the feel of the turf depending on its makeup. Artificial grass also comes in different heights and thicknesses, to change the feel of the turf under your feet.

Most professional installation companies will have samples on hand for you to see and feel the differences, which can be extremely helpful in aiding with your decision-making process. The installers should also be able to help you choose which type of artificial turf will best suit your needs based on what you are going to use it for and where you are going to install it. A true professional installer will be able to guide you to the perfect artificial turf for your needs.

  1. Ask How Many Installations They Have Successfully Completed

Just like when you might ask a surgeon how many surgeries they have completed before picking which surgeon you feel safest with, the same goes for any professional installation job. Before signing a contract, consider asking your professional artificial turf installers how many installations they have completed successfully. All installation companies must start their professional career with their first installation contract, but you don’t want to hire a new installer fresh out of training to install your artificial turf.

There are a lot of parts to installing artificial grass properly and to your liking, so hiring a company that is more experienced in their field is key to a successful installation of your artificial turf. Not only will you have peace of mind knowing you have experienced professionals installing your landscaping, but if done right, your artificial turf should last a long time with very little maintenance required. Not asking the right questions can lead to a botched installation and can cause you years of regret.

  1. Ask How the Installation Process Will Be Done

Once you have done your research and think you have picked out the best artificial turf installation company, it’s important to ask how they plan on completing the installation process from start to finish. This allows you time to plan in order to clear the area for the installation process to begin and to understand the timeline needed for the proper installation of your artificial turf.

If you are still in the process of researching companies, try looking up each potential installer at the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints from previous customers. If you are in the McMinnville, Oregon, or surrounding areas, consider your artificial turf experts at Sportech.

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